Rydell Revelations Trailer


Rydell, Phase 1. It all comes down, tomorrow…
So, I would have posted this before, but I cannot get signed in to my old account on Archive, so I got a new one. Now this opens up a lot of opportunities.

Anyway, I am pumped for Part 3, and I will most likely be listening to it as soon as possible… after listening to the WodFamChocPod (World Famous Chocolate Podcast. It doesn’t make sense).

See y’all next time!


New Podcast!

Hello everyone. So, as you can tell from the title, I am starting my very own Adventures in Odyssey Podcast. What’s it called? The Odyheyr Podcast (A Podcast Everyone Outta Hear). So, if you are a fan of AIO, or just want to hear a newish piece of content, go check it out! Hopefully by the time this releases it’ll be available everywhere you listen to podcasts.

The Odyheyr Podcast on Anchor


The Blogger’s Equivalent to a “Sorry about not posting,” Video

Yeah. I haven’t been posting in a while. The reason? I have several, but they ain’t good enough. But other than that, I got notin’. At all. Just wanted to say that things (hopefully [should]) be coming soon, so hang tight!

Other than that, I have a icebreaker for the comments:

Would you rather, be able to fly, or be the strongest person? Why?

This is just a random question I pulled out of the proverbial hat. Discussion is allowed, but no language please. Alright, have a great day!


A Baby Yoda Meme

I have not been keeping up with site well, haven’t I? So I’d thought I’d post a Baby Yoda meme like the rest of the about 5 billion humans (humen?) are doing. It’s an oversaturated market I tell ya! Oversaturated!

Anyway, here it is:

Maybe I’ll add another, just for the fun of it. I don’t know!

By the way, this is political, so do not scroll down or you might get offended.

Still there?

Good. Here it is:

This is my political opinion! Like it or not, it is!

-GabrielMatthew 🙂

Welcome to my Blog!

What the title said! Hello, I am GabrielMatthew, a guy who has been trying to make a blog that I can stick with no matter what topic! So I am starting just, my blog. No specific reason for it at all except it being about me!

And me!

And me!

Don’t forget me!

And this, this blog. I am not ready to be fully committed, but I will try my best to stay up to date on any and all topics that I can think of to share on this blog. *takes breath* So yeah.

Hope you enjoy whatever this blog becomes!